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full of passion

Passion  for  the  “good stuff”

primary ingredient for an excellent ice cream.

High quality conjugated to extraordinary passion: that’s Figliolia Luxury Ice Cream!

Adriano Figliolia carries on family tradition through the steady innovation and creativity but always respecting the principles of the confectionary art.

Inspired by the ancient italian traditions, he anticipates the new trends of flavors offering the pure pleasure to get surprised every day and feeling the charm of sweetness through a unique sensory experience since the first taste.

The choice of the best ingredients, absolutely fresh, genuine, noble and natural, dosed accordingly to the rules of the italian ice cream art, duly processed in the whole respect of their nutritional properties give origin to flavors and delicacies without equal.

The workshop, beating heart of the company, encloses the secrets which hand down for over sixty years in order to keep refinement and goodness of his creations unchanged. 

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